9 thoughtful home decor gifts everyone will love

The search for the perfect gift seems never-ending. You want to give something thoughtful, but after years of choosing gifts, you’ve run out of ideas. Home decor makes for a splendid gift. It’s stylish yet practical. You can give them something that they’ll enjoy but never would have thought to get for themselves. It encompasses a wide range of items, from cute things for your room decor to integral tools for everyday life. Give something thoughtful yet unexpected with these nine home decor gifts everyone will love.

Custom House Number

Many people’s house numbers rarely get a second thought. However, it’s often the first thing a new visitor notices about the house. A custom house number is a truly thoughtful gift that everyone can appreciate. Anyone who has fallen in love with Europe is sure to appreciate a custom French house number. The sharp white number on a crisp dark blue background will stand out among the others in the neighborhood. Painted on a single tile, it’s a small enough gift to send to those who don’t live nearby. Large metal numbers raised above a wooden placard make for a thoughtful gift for a more modern style. The option to include backlighting ensures their house gets noticed both day and night.

Return Address Stamp

Whether it’s for a housewarming gift or another special occasion, a return address stamp makes a wonderful gift. Especially handy at holiday time, this gift saves time while adding flair to standard envelopes. Consider adding hand-selected cute stationery as well to create a well-rounded gift package. You can customize address stamps to include beautiful calligraphy or even a small graphic design. Many companies offer choices for the ink color as well. A quality self-inking address stamp will last for several years before the ink needs to be refilled. This makes it a gift the receiver can cherish far beyond their special occasion.

Bedside Carafe

Encourage healthy hydration while adding sophistication to any bedroom. A bedside carafe makes an excellent gift for family and friends. They are available in every style imaginable, from highly ornate to incredibly minimalistic. Clear glass or crystal is a safe choice if you don’t know the color scheme of their bedroom. For your more daring gift recipients, bold colors and funky shapes are a playful option. Either way, you’ll be giving the gift of self-care.

Cozy Throw Blanket

You can never have too many blankets. Send feelings of warmth and wellbeing when you give a cozy throw blanket. A stylish throw blanket can add personality to their living room, bedroom or home office. Your gift can do double duty when you send a beautiful tapestry blanket. They can hang it on the wall to add softness and color. It works just as well on a bed or a couch, made from soft material that feels great to cuddle with.

Candle Holders

Candles add warmth to any room and make for a gift that everyone can enjoy. When you give unique and thoughtful candle holders, you can elevate your home decor gift. Ventana lanterns are gorgeous stainless steel candle holders that create dancing shadows on surrounding surfaces. If you’re concerned about giving a gift that requires real flames to work, consider including battery-operated candles. They are a great option, and modern versions look and flicker just like real candles. Battery-operated candles offer the added convenience of being able to set a schedule and timer as well as operate with a remote control.

Custom Dish Towel

Many clever and cute options are available for gifting a custom dish towel that highlights just how much you care about the recipient. A home state dish towel features a beautiful graphic design highlighting the state’s best features that anyone who has moved away is sure to appreciate. For enthusiasts of various beverages, you can purchase a customizable dish towel that highlights the features of wine, the many varieties of beer or every way imaginable to make a cup of coffee. It’s a great way to show that you understand the recipient while giving them something useful at the same time.

Reed Diffuser

This compact gift packs two major benefits; it looks good while making their home smell nice. Reed diffusers use a wick system to deliver consistent, long-lasting fragrance into any room. You can find stylish ceramic reed diffusers that include a dried floral bouquet to hide the reed wicks. This turns a practical item into a stylish piece of home decor that everyone will love.

Smart Lights

The lighting in a room can set the mood. Give your friends or family a gift by creating the perfect ambiance with smart lights. These light bulbs can plug into most traditional sockets but offer the user the ability to change the color across the spectrum. They are also dimmable, and some even have features to mimic sunrise to help users wake up more naturally. Light strips are another fun smart light option. These light strips can be placed under stairs or a desk or behind a TV or artwork. The result is a fun, almost futuristic atmosphere. The lighting control is completely customizable, something the gift receiver will enjoy.

Custom Doormat

Ensure your giftee always greets guests with style and personality. A custom doormat is a piece of decor that every home needs. Cute custom doormats can be personal and highlight the interests of those who live inside. You can print a fun saying or place a silhouette of their favorite pet. You can also opt for a funny doormat by printing an antisocial sarcastic comment or leaving instructions for the delivery persons to hide packages.

Gifts for Every Occasion

Home decor is the perfect gift for every occasion, from a housewarming to a birthday or anniversary. Customization offers the perfect opportunity to give something truly unique and personalized for their tastes. If you’re short on time, there are plenty of ready-made options for quality yet thoughtful items. No matter your budget, you can find a home decor gift that everyone in your life will love.