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The Importance of Slow Fashion and How Luxury Can Be Made Sustainable

Slow fashion, which is fast emerging as an antidote to the consumerist culture of fast fashion, is a socially conscious movement that prioritizes quality over quantity. It encourages people to buy high-quality items less frequently. The term was coined by Kate Fletcher in 2007, who said that slow fashion is a quality-based movement, which primarily focuses on better designing, producing and consuming practices. It takes a different approach from fast fashion in the sense that the buyers, retailers, designer are aware of the impact of the products on the ecosystems, workers and communities.

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is a concept that overlaps slow fashion. It is concerned with fashion that involves environmentally friendly practices in the production and consumption cycle. In an effort to decrease environmental impact, sustainable fashion replaces harmful chemicals with recycled and organic materials. In the consumption cycle, the focus is on prolonging the item’s lifespan to maximize its utility. Sustainable fashion is not limited to the physical aspects of quality but also takes into account designs that are sustainable. Sustainable designs are those which are less influenced by the fashion trends of the season and offer flexibility in terms of style. They are versatile in the sense that they can be worn in multiple ways, increasing the longevity of the product.

Luxury Fashion

Luxury fashion can make way for slow and sustainable fashion. People often make a conscious decision of purchasing sustainable luxury fashion because of its timeless style and long-lasting quality. The value of these items comes from the sense of exclusivity they create. Besides this, they also create in the consumer a heightened sense of awareness about the design process, as well as the impact on workers, ecosystems and communities. Sustainable luxury fashion offers consumers more control over the technologies and institutions that affect their lives.

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